On behalf of the MaDE Trustees can I thank you and the Helston Downsland Charity Trustees for the £300 towards our Kara Hellys workshop programme.

The workshops took place in the Museum of Cornish Life on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th April. They were attended by children and families from Helston who engaged in Cornish music, dance and drama activities linked to the Kara Hellys Travelling Show.

The feedback from participants was very positive, young and old alike enjoyed singing, dancing and acting out stories from Helston, whilst exploring items from the museum including the story of Ann Medlin, Granny Boswell and the three Perry Sisters drinking tea. Both days were very enjoyable for attendees and artists.

At the end of the workshops Golden Tickets were given to the participants and this resulted in nearly 90 people attending the Kara Hellys Travelling Show on Saturday 13th May. Three groups of up to 30 travelled with the Kara Hellys actors, dancers and musicians from the Museum of Cornish Life, to the Leats down Five Wells Lane, around to Grylls Monument, the Angel Hotel, the Sunken Garden, the Corn Exchange and back for a cream tea at the Museum. Without the workshop funding we do not feel the Travelling Shows would have been so well attended. One of many comments from attendees:

Thank you so much to everyone involved. It has made us want to visit Helston again and explore the nooks and crannies of the town, as well as the wonderful museum. Well done!”

Culdrose Community Centre

This year saw our first opportunity to experience Parkour in the Culdrose Community Centre. We had been given support to provide young people, from across the community, with a new learning experience.

UPG training, with Tim and Angus, delivered seven sessions in total for young people. The sessions were well thought out, challenging and engaging. Several young people had opportunity to attend more than one session which facilitated them growing their skills and knowledge.

Over 100 young people benefited from the funding and teaching with several expressing an interest in pursuing parkour in the future. The young people were from service and civilian families. UPG catered for all learning styles, the instructors were fantastic fun, patient and caring, thorough in their knowledge, history and understanding of all aspects of health and safety. At all times the young people were given not only clear guidance but also explanation and demonstrations.

We would like to thank the Helston Downsland Charity for providing funding to enable this great project to happen. These experiences build into the program designed with our young people. Support relationships and learning opportunities as well as building memories.

Young people listening to the safety brief.

Tim and Angus provided clear instruction and explanation.

Participants aged from 8 to 14.
With up to 16 young people.